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Hello everyone, My in-game name is "Buckshotbob", and I'd like to tell you a little bit of my plans and goals for our guild, and maybe a little bit of how we came to form it. Myself (Buckshotbob) and Greenmidgett come from another guild (We're not here to talk down on them, so we wont mention names) and after putting a lot of effort into leveling that guild from a low level to its current almost capped level, a lot of things changed, and they started kicking out people who weren't high enough to raid ect ect. Due to this a lot of our friends were kicked, but we remained in the guild with our alts, and in an attempt to reverse their decisions and get our friends back in, they told us that it wasn't going to happen.
So here we are today, We've created our own guild together, and we plan on letting whoever in that wants in, all friends and levels are allowed. However when we get so many members that we're near the cap of members, we will kick people, but I'm not going to be strict about that, I just require the character to be logged in once a month. Exceptions can be made to that rule if you are Military or have an occupation that requires you to be away. Just let me know.
Now I know the guilds only a low level right now, but working together, I'm sure we can get this guild up and running in no time! I have plans on future Guild Raiding, and everyone will get a shot at Raid Groups, not just select people we like, we're not going to be biased about it. I also have plans for Rated Battlegrounds groups eventually, when we get enough members. Greenmidgett and I do Arena 2's and we're getting pretty decent, so we'll be looking to get a 3's group and 5's group together sometime too. We like to play all aspects of the game, and we will help when we can, (I.E. Ring of Blood). We want this guild to be fun for everyone, and we're open to all suggestions.
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